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Mustard yellow dress and snakeskin shoes Primark

 When I first saw this dress in Primark, I was neither here nor there about it. The colour isn't one I usually wear.....infact I had a top in the same colour I believe-but I only wore it once.
But I kept seeing the colour on the highstreet-it seemed as though everyone was wearing it...and so it eventually grew on me. I have also bought it in white since.
It is an off-shoulder dress, but I do usually wear them...on the shoulder. For some reason I feel a bit "naked" wearing off shoulder here in London....is that weird?! lol

Now the shoes, I already had a Topshop version which I paid £10 for in the sale....but I had never actually worn them (still haven't!) But something compelled me to buy these ones....and it wasn't just the fact that they were just £8 lol
I prefer the shape and the pattern much more on these ones, and more importantly they are soooo comfortable! Seriously, they are like slippers!
I can't wait for the weather to improve so I can get them out again :-D
Needless to say, I will probably be selling the Topshop ones-or giving them away ;-)

The bag complimented the shoes really well, and I am so glad I spotted it in store-when it was reduced to just £5!
I will admit I haven't worn it since this outfit, but like the shoes, I look forward to bringing it out again when the weather improves.....

Loving the gold statement jewellery! Necklace £8 Primark | Ring £3.99 New Look | Earrings £2.50 Forever 21 | Cuff £6 Forever 21 I think!

Dress £5 Primark | Jeans £13 Primark | Jacket £12.50 Topshop found on eBay | Shoes £8 Primark | Sunglasses £2 Primark

Thanks for reading! XX

Red Floral Primark Blazer and a Red Ferrari!

This blazer has been in my wardrobe for years now, and I can't imagine getting rid of it anytime soon! I love the vibrant and rich red colour, and the large floral print  makes it quite a feminine piece.

Zara Floral Bomber and Harrods Handbag


After returning the Topshop bomber, I bought this version in Zara a week later. I had seen it a few times before in store but wasn't really sure about it....In the end I decided to go for it. I tried to hold off from buying it to see if it would go down in the sale, but as it was the last one in store on the "last chance to buy" rail, I had to pay full price lol

H&M Maxi dress, Hot Pink Jacket and Gladiators

I absolutely love this dress! I bought it from H&M last year for only £14.99!, but as we were approaching winter, I never had the chance to wear it until this year when the weather began to improve. To be honest, the day we took these pictures was sunny....but absolutely freezing! My poor toes! lol